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The Hollywood Vampires SIGNED By Dark Continents Publishing!

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So, the day I never thought would come… happened. After 16 years of beating my head against the wall, toiling in obscurity, and doing it all on my own… I found a publishing company who believes in me. I’ve signed with Dark Continents Publishing, who’s going to be releasing Unholy War next year and pushing the [...]

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I Finally Made The Local Paper!

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Well, it finally happened! After publishing my own unique brand of vampire fiction for almost 11 years now, my local paper — the Canton Daily Ledger — has done an article on myself and the Hollywood Vampires at long last, whoo hoo!  Not only that, but I was on the cover of the Spotlight section, [...]

29 March 2012 2 Comments

What’s So Hot About Cold Vampires?

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There’s something I’ve always wondered about vampire fiction, and while I’m going to throw out my own thoughts on it, I REALLY want some feedback on this, as it’s something I’m genuinely curious about.  Specifically… What’s so hot about cold vampires? Traditionally — particularly in Anne Rice’s take on vampires and more recently in True [...]

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Dark Shadows 2012 — Vampire Fiction With A Dash Of Fun?

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I recently caught the trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows film — starring Johnny Depp, of course — and while I have to admit I’m not very familiar with the old Dark Shadows TV show, I have to say… I think this could be fun. I’ve heard groans from some quarters concerning the humor [...]

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Darkest Deals… Hollywood Vampires Books At Brain-Damaged Prices.

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If you were listening in on my appearance on Darkest Radio last night, you would’ve heard — in between all the clowning around and general tomfoolery — that in honor of my return to Shadowbrook, I’m offering ALL FIVE of the “main” Hollywood Vampires books at either reduced prices or am giving them away COMPLETELY [...]

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Vampire Fiction And A Big ‘Ol Gorilla!

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Yes, I know I should’ve had this up last week, but damn if I haven’t been busy!  I promised a picture of a gorilla hawking copies of the Hollywood Vampires’ first two books, and here ’tis!  How often do you get to see vampire fiction mixed with simians? (You loyalists will remember Stacey’s citing of [...]

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Vampire Fiction Is Dead… Or Is It?

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While publishing the Hollywood Vampires books is my primary focus when it comes to writing,  off-the-wall vampire fiction isn’t the ONLY thing I write.  At the moment, I’m shopping around a hard-edged, gruesome, horror book with tinges of dark satiric humor entitled Snatcher to potential publishers — those of you on the Hollywood Vampires mailing [...]

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Clarisse… In The Flesh.

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Remember the post I did about how Christina Hendricks would make a good Clarisse a while back? I think this recent picture of Ms. Hendricks says it all.  Put some jeans and an old Death Angel tanktop on her, and the Hollywood Vampires’ resident heavy metal queen would be all set and ready to rock [...]

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Get “Gimme Danger” And “Dead By Dawn” For FREE Today And Tomorrow!

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To commemorate both of these classic Hollywood Vampires tales getting their sharp new covers, I’m offering up both “Gimme Danger” AND “Dead By Dawn” for FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon! If you’ve got a Kindle or Kindle app (for your phone or desktop or tablet), you can head on over to Amazon and download [...]

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New Hollywood Vampires Short Story Covers…

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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll likely have seen a tweet I sent out the other day that my Amazon ebook sales have been up.  Now, I’m totally NOT getting rich on this, and am in no way going to be able to quit my day job, BUT… it’s encouraging. I sold more [...]