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Book Signing This Saturday!

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This Saturday (November 10th) I’ll be doing a book signing at Stone Alley Books & Collectibles in Galesburg, Illinois!

I’ll be there from 1 to 3 along with fellow local author Clinton Boomer, signing and selling all five Hollywood Vampires books. I haven’t been to this particular book store before, but have been meaning to for quite a while now, so I took this as a great excuse to go and check it out! Ben — the owner — is a bona fide nerd like myself, and from the looks of it, his store reflects it perfectly…

Odds are I’ll be wandering around looking for stuff to buy whenever I’m not busy with the books!

Stone Alley is located at 53 South Seminary Street in Galesburg — just Google it or check out their Facebook page…

Stone Alley Books & Collectibles

So if you missed the 5th Annual Drunken Zombie Film Festival this past weekend — which was spectacular, by the way — stop on over and say hello this Saturday!

And speaking of the Festival, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my lovely girlfriend Holly, who steadfastly manned my book table on both Friday and Saturday, selling books, handing out cards, and chatting up potential interested buyers while I was being a bum and watching all the movies.

She also got me out of a few movies to come out and sign books for buyers… AND put together a really slick-looking stand-up board to catch peoples’ eyes! Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty! She’s truly the Best Girlfriend Ever and I’m blessed to have such a phenomenal woman in my life.

I know she’s reading this, too, so I just want to say, I love you from the bottom of my heart, and… BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST!

She’ll be accompanying me on Saturday, too, though I’ll be manning the table this time and she’ll likely be roaming about… but if you see her, be sure to tell her she’s awesome. ‘cuz she is.

Anywhoo, that’s all for now — though I should be getting a few pictures from the Film Festival up in the next day or two. Hope to see you Saturday!

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