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Signing Books With Drunken Zombie This Weekend!

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This weekend (November 2nd and 3rd) is the 5th annual Drunken Zombie International Film Festival, a grand showcase for independent short films and feature-lengths, and a celebration of rampant creativity from people who truly love movies!  Most of the really good movies I saw last year were at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival, including the delightful horror-comedy The Selling, which was so ridiculously good it was mind-blowing — I’m not kidding when I say that The Selling is likely the best horror-comedy since Beetlejuice.

And let’s not forget the bloody, ass-kicking mayhem of the Australian masterpiece El Monstro Del Mar, which featured rockabilly murder-girls against a Lovecraftian horror from the depths of the sea.  Or A Chance In Hell, a masterfully-executed short film that featured a desperate group of American G.I.’s facing a horde of Nazi zombies in World War II.

This year we’re getting the hilarious Puppet Monster Massacre — a superb send-up of bloody 80′s horror movies done entirely with puppets — and Christopher Mihm’s House Of Ghosts, a retro-styled black-and-white movie hearkening back to the horror films of the 50′s… and that’s just to name two.  There’s gonna be full-lengths and a whole ton of short films, ranging from funny to gruesome to bleak to thoughtful.

The DZFF isn’t about movies made by committee, calculated to appeal to the broadest possible audience… it’s about vision, passion, and what happens when creative minds work their asses off to bring their ideas to fruition.  It’s raw, independent creativity at its best, and if you want to see something truly different in films, come on out!

It’s at the Peoria Landmark Theatre from 7pm to midnight on Friday, and 12pm to midnight on Saturday, and it’ll be hosted in person by none other than Lord Blood-Rah, who’s coming all the way out from California for the event!  The DZ gang will be on hand to sell posters, DVD’s of many of the films, stickers, and all sorts of other neat junk.  And…

Since I’m a proud sponsor of the Film Festival, I’ll naturally be signing and selling all of the Hollywood Vampires books, though I don’t intend to miss a single film, so you’ll be able to catch me in between… and my lovely girlfriend Holly will be watching over the books while I’m in the theatre.  She’s not quite the independent film fiend I am, so she’ll be happy to show you the books and chat with you about them in the meantime, and drag me out of the theatre to sign your book if needed.  Did I mention I have the best girlfriend in the world?

So be sure to stop by, watch some great movies you won’t find anywhere else, and grab a few Hollywood Vampires books, too!  You can find out more about the DZFF at the Official Drunken Zombie Film Festival website, where you can also pre-order tickets and catch trailers for many of the movies…

But take my word for it — it’s gonna be great.  It always is.  Hope to see you there!

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