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My Presentation From Author Fair 2012…

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Author Fair 2012 at the Peoria Public Library was a lot of fun, and a good time was had by all… thanks to everybody who showed up, bought books, and hung out with us!  I got to see quite a few entertaining and interesting presentations given by my fellow authors, as well as readings of their work, and it was very cool to be in one room with so many creative and talented people.

Plus, I got to give a presentation of my own, concerning the importance of humor to vampires, and why vampires NEED to laugh if they’re going to able to make a go of immortality.

It’s short, but I think I got my point across, and everybody seemed to like it, so not too bad… especially considering this is the first time I’ve formally spoken in front of a group since college!  I probably should’ve gone into a little more detail about myself and the Hollywood Vampires in general before launching into the presentation, which is something I’m going to work on for future events.  Live and learn, eh? (Thanks to my lovely girlfriend Holly, who recorded this for me!)

Also got a few photos to share…

First, check out the Hollywood Vampires on display in the gallery!  They got an entire upper half of a case to themselves, hell yes!  Swanky, no?

And secondly, here was my little table for the event!  Since I’d never done anything quite like this before, my set-up was pretty basic, but after seeing what the other authors did, I’m going to do a much more eye-catching display for myself next time… I’ve got a few simple-but-elegant ideas that I think would look really neat.  But for the moment, hey, look at me — I’m a real author, whoo hoo!

The Library is already talking about possibly doing some sort of horror event in October, which I’m totally up for if they do it, so if you didn’t make it out on Saturday, you’ll have another chance in the next few months, if all goes well!

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