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I Finally Made The Local Paper!

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Well, it finally happened!

After publishing my own unique brand of vampire fiction for almost 11 years now, my local paper — the Canton Daily Ledger — has done an article on myself and the Hollywood Vampires at long last, whoo hoo!  Not only that, but I was on the cover of the Spotlight section, which includes the weekly TV listings… the part of the paper EVERYBODY wants to look at.

(It was published in the April 20th edition of the paper, if you’re local and want to pick one up.)

While it was frustrating as hell to be ignored by the local paper when I first started publishing the Hollywood Vampires books — the joke going around between my friends and I was that I was a non-entity because I never played football in high school — I do “get” that a small-town paper balked at the idea of doing an article on a local guy who wrote vampire novels.  Vampire fiction ain’t exactly Main Street, USA.

So I just let it go for years, until my trusty cane-making pal Starsky found out that the Ledger had never done an article on me, which annoyed the shit out of him.  So he made a few calls, and got hold of Miranda Henderson at the Ledger, who agreed with him.  Before you know it, Miranda got hold of me and things were moving right along.

I’d personally like to extend thanks to Miranda, who wrote the article, pushed to get it through, and worked diligently on it from start to finish… she was totally supportive, thoughtful, and enthusiastic during the whole process, and a joy to work with.  She’s not a typical “small-town” reporter, and understands how the local news needs to go beyond the same-old, same-old.

Maybe a writer of vampire fiction isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a small town, but if there’s one lurking around, people are gonna be interested in it.  Check out the scans of the article below, in handy .pdf form, provided by my lovely girlfriend Holly…

Cover Image

Page 1

Page 2

The response to the article has been fantastic, and my hat’s off to everybody who’s take the time congratulate me or send me a note or order a book… thanks much, folks!  And of course thanks to Starsky for getting the ball rolling in the first place… he’s a hell of a guy, and if you want a custom Hollywood Vampires cane, he’ll gladly make you one!

Oh, and if you live in my hometown of Canton, Illinois and grab copies of the Hollywood Vampires books directly from me or one of our fine local retailers, be sure to check out the new page I’ve added… it’s easy!

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