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Mila Kunis… Half-Vampire Gypsy?

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The whole “Christina Hendricks As Clarisse” post went over so well with everybody — and actually draws a nice little bit of web traffic — so I decided to revisit something I posted on my Twitter feed last year, proposing that Mila Kunis would be well-suited to portray Donita in a live-action Hollywood Vampires movie.

I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Kunis on TV and movies, first as Jackie on That 70′s Show and more recently in movies like Date Night and Book Of Eli.  And of course as poor Meg on Family Guy.  By all accounts, she’s a classy, hard-working gal with her head on straight and is generally quite pleasant to be around.  And she’s a nerd who plays video games, likes superheroes, and regularly does guest-voicing on Robot Chicken.

So she’s not only pretty, but she’s also cool.  That definitely qualifies her.

Granted, she’s a little longer and leaner than I imagine Donita being; Donita’s an Italian woman, and as such, I tend to see her as having a sturdier, more voluptuous build.  Ms. Kunis on the other hand is kinda gazelle-like — very streamlined.

But the dusky, exotic features and her voice are dead-on.  I’ve always imagined Donita having a voice on the higher end of the spectrum, a voice that — when she’s so inclined — can make completely strident and utterly obnoxious.  If you’ve heard Ms. Kunis yelling, you know she can pull that off!

Now close your eyes and imagine her spitting obscenities as Stacey.  It’s a perfect fit, isn’t it?

And, just as it was with Christina Hendricks, she’s not exactly the first person you’d think of as a vampire.  She doesn’t exude any sort of a goth vibe, and while she’s got an exotic look, there’s an earthiness to her… an approachability.  It’s not hard envisioning her just hanging out, getting into trouble, and just doing the things that people do.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that’s what I’m shooting for with the Hollywood Vampires.  They’re not archetypal vampires — they’re people who happen to be vampires.

So the traditional vampire stereotypes — while fun — don’t apply, and someone like Mila Kunis is perfect.  You could certainly darken and “goth” her up, and she’d likely look great, but it’d be a lot more fun for her to get into colorful gypsy garb, perch a great big purple rat on her shoulder, and listen to her rant and rave at Stacey!

So now the question is…

If Mila Kunis would make a good Donita, who would be a perfect Katheryne to counterpoint her?  I’m open to suggestions — send yours in or leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to do another gallery!  Hell, we could do this with all of the Hollywood Vampires!




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