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Get “Gimme Danger” And “Dead By Dawn” For FREE Today And Tomorrow!

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To commemorate both of these classic Hollywood Vampires tales getting their sharp new covers, I’m offering up both “Gimme Danger” AND “Dead By Dawn” for FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon!

If you’ve got a Kindle or Kindle app (for your phone or desktop or tablet), you can head on over to Amazon and download these two slices of non-traditional vampire fiction for absolutely, positively nothing.

As it happens, both of these tales are rather dark in nature, so while you may not necessarily get a lot of laughs out of them, your thirst for the more moody side of the Hollywood Vampires world…

In “Dead By Dawn” you’ll see what happens when down-on-his-luck journalist Walter Barr stumbles across the existence of vampires living in Los Angeles, he devotes himself to getting the truth out to the world. Unfortunately, when Kimmie, Mary, and other fledgling vampires find out it was their fault Barr discovered them, things get really ugly, really fast.

It’s a hard, often-dark look at what happens when young vampires get cocky and get found out — and what they’ll do to cover up their mistake. It’s not just a matter of covering up for the sake of keeping vampires secret, either — Kimmie is actually MORE concerned with making sure the elder vampires don’t bust her for this.

This is what happens when vampires act like real people instead of cardboard cut-outs — this is what happens when you’ve got power and responsibility, and you screw it up because you’re young and naive. What lengths would YOU be willing to go to in order to fix your mistake?

For poor Walter Barr, he’s about to find out that Kimmie’s totally willing to do what needs to be done…

In “Gimme Danger” — inspired by the Stooges song of the same name and the death of Johnny Thunders — you’ll meet Davey Danger, a fallen rock star who’s been dead for years… but just can’t stop moving around.

Cocaine, heroin, acid, ecstasy — none of it works on him anymore. He’s burnt-up and burnt-out, and after losing everything that ever meant anything to him, he’s a ghostly shell of his former self. Not even cosmic rust — the powerful new drug supposedly made from vampire blood — can do a thing for him.

But a chance meeting with the immortal guitarist known to him as Venus d’Morte, Davey’s heart starts beating for the first time in years — the promise of danger the sultry six-string alchemist brings with her may be just the thing he needs to live again. But…

Does Davey even WANT to live again, when everything’s already gone?

Or the better question could be… SHOULD the great Davey Danger live again?

So if your week’s going slow and Friday’s taking forever to get here, make things go faster with some free vampire fiction, eh?  And if you’re still hanging around here and haven’t downloaded these ass-kicking vampire stories yet… GET TO IT!

(And P.S. — if you download these tales and like ‘em, please leave me a review… indie authors like myself thrive on your reviews!  Thank you!)

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