2 March 2012 1 Comment

Drunken Zombie Goes Ape This Saturday!

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So you’ve already heard me rant and ramble about the Drunken Zombie Deadly Double Features… last month’s return was one of the greatest they’ve ever had.  What are they gonna do for an encore?

They’re bringing in a gorilla.

No, really.

In addition to the independent H.P. Lovecraft adaptation House Of Black Wings and the classic House Of Mystery from 1934, the Drunken Zombie gang has secured the incredible MR. PICKLES THE WONDER-GORILLA to appear at the show!

While some might say Mr. Pickles is merely a man in a well-made suit, I choose to believe that he’s REAL.  Hell, I KNOW he’s real.

After all, why in the world would a guy in a gorilla suit read a newspaper?  That’s just crazy talk.

So in addition to being treated to two movies for $7 — and receiving the license to yell at them to your heart’s content — you’ll also be graced with a goddamned gorilla on Saturday.  He’s gonna have a keeper and EVERYTHING!

This clearly invokes the Law of Simian Involvement, as stated by Stacey in “The Thing In Stacey’s Garage” — everything’s cooler when monkeys are involved.  Or in this case, a big-ass gorilla.

And not only that, but I’ve spoken to Mr. Pickles’ handler, Jeff, who said that Mr. Pickles wouldn’t mind at all taking pictures with some of the Hollywood Vampires books, so come Monday, those pictures are gonna start showing up all over this site.  How cool is that gonna be?

The last time I tried to do some primate poses with the Hollywood Vampires books, I was unceremoniously thrown out of the zoo on my head, and informed that the chimps had “better things to do” than do some promo shots with the likes of me.  The story of an indie author’s life, I swear.

But Mr. Pickles — bless his simian heart — is one of the good ones.  I just hope he doesn’t get too stirred up from all the hooting and hollering at the movies and go berserk like the ape in House Of Mystery… I’ve heard Mr. Pickles has broken out of chains before.  But hey, it’s not called a DEADLY Double Feature for nothing, right?

If you’re anywhere NEAR the Peoria area this Saturday night at 9pm, come on out to the Landmark Theatre — just look for the gorilla and all the cretinous goons shambling around… that’s where we’ll be!  Seriously, it’d be worth $7 for Mr. Pickles ALONE.

Check out the Deadly Double Feature Facebook Event Page for more information or to RSVP… how awesome is this gonna be?

(And if there aren’t pictures of Mr. Pickles and the Hollywood Vampires books here on Monday, something unforeseen may have happened…)


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