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And Your Free Book For Valentine’s Day Is…

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For Valentine’s Day, I gave you the guys the opportunity of which slice of unconventional vampire fiction you wanted to download for free.  You had two choices — the vaguely sociopathic Pathway To Darkness or the more traditionally “loving” Love, Red Wine, & Magick.  I got plenty of e-mails regarding it, a few comments, and even a few tweets, and though Pathway To Darkness started off with a strong lead, Love, Red Wine, & Magick got ahead and stayed ahead…

Though it WAS close on Friday.  Pathway got 11 votes, while Love came out ahead with lucky number 13.  And even you diehard Kimmie fans can’t argue with that number, eh?

So for today and tomorrow, if you’ve got a Kindle — or a Kindle app for your phone or computer — you can head on over to Amazon and download yourself two novellas of rollicking, rip-roaring vampire fiction set down south in the 1960′s.  You’ll see Katheryne and Donita aid their mortal friend Jimbeau in a mission of love in “Linda Marie,” and you’ll thrill to Clarisse, Brandi, and the Sisters of Fury protecting a mysterious old bluesman from a racist twit (who may be more than he seems to be) in “The Ballad Of Thomas Brown!”

As some of the e-mails said, Love, Red Wine, & Magick — with its tales of love, devotion, and friendship — just makes more sense on Valentine’s Day, so get on over there and download it… you’ve got until around midnight on Valentine’s Day to grab it!

Love, Red Wine, & Magick

Ah, but I haven’t forgotten you Pathway To Darkness folks.

Not everybody feels all lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day — I totally get that.  So in honor of your championing of Kimmie and Mary in the crazy little tale of learning how to be a vampire in modern-day Los Angeles, I’m going to drop the price of the Kindle edition Pathway To Darkness to only $1.99 for today and tomorrow.  It ain’t free, but hey, it’s a deal nonetheless!

(Please note — I put in the price change for Pathway To Darkness well in advance on Sunday, but there MAY be a slight lag before Amazon catches up to it.  Sometimes it takes as little as two hours for the change to take effect, other times it’s as long as 12 or more.  If the price is still at $2.99, just check back a little later.)

Pathway To Darkness

So get yourself some free and inexpensive vampire fiction to keep you busy!  A big THANK YOU to everybody who took the time to let me know which book you wanted — I had a blast seeing your notes popping up, and you guys helped make my week.  Hollywood Vampires fans rule, and if anybody else ever tells you otherwise, sock ‘em in the snout.

Enjoy your free and discounted books… and if you download ‘em and really like ‘em, be sure to leave reviews!  The more reviews a book gets, the more it sells, so help out the Hollywood Vampires with a good word or two, eh?

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